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Vellen Hair® Ultimate Cutting Combs 5 Different Sizes - Pink

Searching for the best cutting combs for hairstylists?

Our VELLEN HAIR ULTIMATE Cutting Combs are developed with hairdresser's needs in mind and represent the gold standard in quality, design, and durability. Uniquely formulated with high-grade ULTEM PEI superplastic, our custom range of cutting combs offer superior heat and chemical resistance (220°C 428°F ), strength, and sustainability. This makes them the ideal cutting comb for trimming short-to-normal-length hair and a must-have for your salon.

  • 1. Size : VH-202: 17.8 cm / 7 inch
  • 2. Size:  VH-207:  18,4 cm / 7.24 inch
  • 3. Size:  VH-206: 18,7 cm / 7.36 inch 
  • 4. Size:  VH-205: 21,4 cm / 8.42 inch 
  • 5. Size:  VH-204: 22,8 cm / 8.97 inch

 ULTEM Plastic - A Cut Above The Rest

 Unlike most cutting combs, VELLEN HAIR ULTIMATE Cutting Combs are made with high-strength ULTEM plastic, which is the same plastic used in aircraft. Not only is ULTEM plastic more flexible than carbon but it also offers exceptional thermal resistance, high strength and stiffness, and broad chemical resistance. It’s also static-free, which ensures that it doesn’t tangle hair.

 Compare this to the cheap plastic used in most cutting combs and the differences are striking. For starters, cheap plastic causes an abundance of static in hair. Static and frizz make the hair strand dry out and become brittle and lifeless. It also increases snagging and pulling, and leads to imperfections that increase split ends. Ultimately, cheap plastic combs destroy hair, causing it to break easily and become knotted and damaged.

Vellen Hair Ultimate Cutting Combs features: 

  • Made from ULTEM plastic, which is heat resistant to 220°C, chemical resistant, anti-static, lightweight, flexible, and durable.
  • Outstanding strength and stiffness, and resistance to environmental stress and cracking. Our cutting comb is virtually unbreakable!
  • Finely spaced and standard-spaced teeth design; the shortened tooth on the edge of the comb is perfect for sectioning hair quickly and creating partings.
  • Rounded teeth offer smooth combing with balanced tension.
  • Suitable for hair cutting, hair dying, and other use on all types of short-to-normal-length hair.
  • Comes with an exclusive 3-year warranty